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Lesperance & Martineau - Patent Agents

Patent & Trademark
    Agents since 1929

Our History

We follow more than 80 years and three generations of intellectual property practitioners. Indeed, Mr. Albert Fournier created the firm "Bureau Technique Fournier" in 1929.

In the late fifties, the assets of the firm were sold to Mr. Pierre Lespérance, who had been working for another Montreal firm. Mr. Lespérance renamed the firm "LESPÉRANCE & ASSOCIÉS".

In the early eighties, Mr. Lespérance hired Mr. François Martineau, who soon became a registered patent agent. Mr. Martineau worked for Mr. Lespérance until he purchased the assets of the firm of Mr. Lespérance, in 1995. The firm then became a sole ownership business called "LESPÉRANCE & MARTINEAU".

Since January 1st 2007, our business has become a general partnership as Louis Martineau and Francois Martineau became partners.